good thing harry potter didnt choose slytherin

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Chat with my friend

This was a chat with livinlifeallegro. She probably doesn’t remember this as it was a while ago but I saved it because it was so amazing:

We’re both over-thinkers so this chat came from that.

Her: “Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you were never at war with your mind? I think about it all the time.. How I’d be such a different person if I wasn’t so involved in my own mind”

Me: “All the time! I think life would be so much more engaging and effortless without the emotionally taxing baggage that comes with battling with my own mind! like decisions would never be analysed to the nth degree”

Her: “Right? I get so resentful sometimes because some people have it so easy.. And we didn’t ask to have overactive brains, they just happened”

Her: “I wonder how neurotic people get into normal relationships with normal people. It seems sort of impossible. It’s like an evolutionary block put in place to help lower the amount of humans in the world”

And this is one of the many reason why i love her. She is just so amazing… cc adventurechlo everythingisirrelephant

10 Horrible Pickup Lines

10 Horrible Pickup Lines by thelionmutters

10. You’re so hot that if you were a stripper, I’d make it rain on you…

9. If was a musician, your beauty would inspire me pull a Robin Thicke.

8. You’re so hot the Sahara Desert seems like Antarctica.

7. I will love you till you’re so broken that even Olivia Pope can’t fix you.

6. If you were a guitar, i’d strum you until you’d beg me to stop.

5. If you were a caterpillar I would be the cocoon that transforms you into a butterfly.

4. If you were a gas pump, I’d pump you so hard you’d break.

3. Let me be the thumb on your hand, the big toe to your little toes, the sexual to your homo/hetero.

2. I would never let you be D-hydrated ;)

1. I can put my Harry in your Potter and together we can try making lots of Weasleys. 



Lego fire walk with Me

I’d rather do a real firewalk



Lego fire walk with Me

I’d rather do a real firewalk

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spitfire65745 I got this baby :*

What if Michael Bay Directed "UP"?

This is funny….